Smart Coatings 2023

April 18-19, 2023 - Virtual

Smart Coatings brings together scientists and technologists in the field of Smart and Functional Materials from around the globe, with a focus on the most recent advances in technology, processes, and products.

The overarching goal of Smart Coatings has been to provide a forum for scientific exchange and advanced learning, with an emphasis on "take-home implementation."

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, participants have found Smart Coatings inspiring, rewarding, and highly informative.

In 2023, Smart Coatings will be presented virtually via Zoom Video Communications.

Please join us at Smart Coatings 2023: the premier event for updates on the most recent emerging technologies and opportunities in coatings, functional materials, processes, and products — presented by world-renowned scientists and technologists.


Confirmed Speakers (as of 02 February 2023)

Dr. J. Baghdachi: Global Technologies in Smart and Multi-functional Materials.
Innovative Technical Systems Corp.

Prof. Richard Spontak: Water-Activated Carbon-Capture: From Nanostructured to Hybrid-Integrated Membranes.
North Carolina State University

Prof. Jaime C. Grunlan: Environmentally benign super gas barrier and flame-retardant coatings based upon polyelectrolyte complexation.
Texas A&M University

Dr. Joseph D. Lichtenhan: Heteroleptic POSS? Additives Simplify Coating Formulations.
Hybrid Plastics Inc.

Prof. G. Kane Jennings: Dynamic Molecular Switching for Environmentally Adaptive Surfaces.
Vanderbilt University

Prof. Trisha L. Andrew: Chemical Vapor Deposition of Soft Electronic Materials for Advanced Textile Applications.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Prof. Gelareh Momen: Design of a smart icephobic coating via combining aqueous self-lubricating surfaces and phase change materials (PCM)
University of Quebec-Chicoutimi, Canada

Prof. Guojun Liu: Transparent Wear-Resistant Coatings with Five Times the Hardness of Polystyrene for Self-Cleaning and Ice-Shedding Applications
Queen's University, Canada