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Smart and Functional Materials

Polymers, coatings and related materials continue to be an innovative area in research and technology. The mission is to provide a global intellectual platform to present and discuss groundbreaking work, stimulate new ideas, identify critical problems, provide promising solutions, and assess possible roadmaps. The Symposium targets scientists, engineers, managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.



Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Timothy Swager; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Peter Zarras; Naval Air Warfare Center
Dr. Bob Allen; IBM Almaden Research Center
Prof. Patrick Mather; Syracuse University
Prof. Richard Register; Princeton University
Prof. Arjan Mol; Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Mr. Joel Zazyczny; Gelest, Inc.
Dr. Brad Lokitz; Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Joseph Lichtenhan; Hybrid Plastics 
Mr. János Hajas, Altana-BYK; Germany
Prof. Idriss Blakey; The University of Queensland, Australia
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi; Eastern Michigan University
Dr. Wenyan Li; NASA, Kennedy Space Center 
Prof. Michael Rubner; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof. Limin Wu; Fudan University, China
Dr. Marc Entenmann; Fraunhofer Inst. for Mfg. Eng. and Autom. IPA, Germany
Ms. Paula Cook; U.S. ARMY ARDEC
Prof. Wolfgang Bremser; University of Paderborn, Germany
Prof. William Dichtel; Cornell University
Dr. John Simpson; University of Tennessee
Prof. Antonious Broekhius; University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Prof. Jaime C. Grunlan; Texas A&M University, USA
Dr. Mariarosa Raimondo; Inst. of Sci. and Tech. for Ceramics, Italy
Prof. Nicole Zacharia; University of Akron
Prof. Paola Fermo; University of Milan, Italy
Dr. Matthew Dixon; Biolin Scientific
Dr. Young Jun Park; POSCO Global R&D, Republic of Korea
Prof. Maria Zielecka; Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Poland
Dr. Horst Hintze-Bruening; BASF GmbH, Germany
Prof. Idalina Vieira Aoki; University of São Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Brandy White; U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Dr. Gerald Witucki; Dow Corning
Mr. Alexander Lutz; Vrije Universiteit, Belgium


Join us for an update on most recent emerging
technologies and opportunities in coatings, functional
polymers, processes and allied materials presented
by world-renowned scientists and technologists.


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