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Smart and Functional Materials

Polymers, coatings and related materials continue to be an innovative area in research and technology. The mission is to provide a global intellectual platform to present and discuss groundbreaking work, stimulate new ideas, identify critical problems, provide promising solutions, and assess possible roadmaps. The Symposium targets scientists, engineers, managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


2017 Symposium -- call for papers.

Abstracts are solicited in the following areas, although submissions that succinctly describe cutting-edge innovations across the broad field of smart materials research are encouraged.

Smart Materials and Coatings
Self-healing/Shape-memory Materials
Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Coatings
Electro-active Polymers and Coatings
On-demand Color Shifting Materials

Stimuli Responsive Materials
Polymers and Coatings as Sensors
Thermochromic Materials
Photo-responsive Polymers and Coatings


Nanotechnology-based Coatings
Self-assembling Materials
Photonics and Nano-particles
Molecular Electronics
Responsive Dendritic Polymers

Bioactive Polymers and Coatings
Antimicrobial Materials
Biosensors and Molecular Diagnostics
Antifouling Coatings
Drug Delivery and Imaging



Abstract Format:
MS Word, 200-1000 words, font 12

Submit abstracts to: admin@smartcoatings.org

Submission deadline August 15, 2016


Organizer and Chair
Prof. Jamil Baghdachi
Coatings Research Institute
Eastern Michigan University


Prof. Wolfgang Bremser
Paderborn University, Germany
Dr. Peter Zarras
Naval Air Warfare Center


Join us!
Smart Coatings is the premier event for updates on the most recent emerging technologies and opportunities in coatings, functional polymers, processes, and allied materials presented by world-renowned scientists and technologists.


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